Our Story

In the tranquil lakes of Silkeborg, Denmark, John Jensen found solace aboard his Tendr 20, a Dutch channel boat, cherishing weekends with family and friends. Yet, these moments were sometimes marred by spilled drinks and a shortage of cup holders. As an engineer, John’s quest for a solution led to Portus & Navis’ flagship product: STILLA.

Solving Common Problems on the Water with STILLA

The Problem: Spilling Drinks and a Lack of Cup Holders

On the water, passing boats often created bow waves, causing spills. John’s boat had limited cup holders, leading to awkward messes. Existing solutions compromised the boat’s aesthetic. Enter STILLA.

The Solution: STILLA

John designed STILLA, a multifunctional cup and bottle holder accommodating various beverages, including wine glasses. It expands cup holder options without altering the boat’s appearance. STILLA is space-conscious, portable, and storable, providing a spill-free solution.

The Benefits of STILLA

1. No More Spilled Drinks: STILLA ensures drinks stay secure, even amidst bow waves.
2. Accommodates Multiple Types of Beverages: Holds wine glasses, cans, bottles, and more.
3. Expands Cup Holder Options: Enhances boat functionality without sacrificing aesthetics.
4. Holds Bottles: Provides a secure solution for keeping bottles in place.
5. Space Conscious, Portable, and Storable: Designed for convenience on any boating adventure.


Q: Is STILLA easy to install?
A: Yes, STILLA can be easily mounted on any flat surface with provided hardware.

Q: Can STILLA hold wine glasses securely?
A: Yes, STILLA’s adjustable clamp secures wine glasses, preventing spillage.

Q: Can STILLA hold other types of beverage containers?
A: Yes, it securely holds cups, cans, wine glasses, bottles, and more.

Q: Does STILLA take up a lot of space?
A: No, STILLA is compact and space-saving, suitable for boats of all sizes.

Q: Is STILLA portable and storable?
A: Yes, it’s easily removable and stored, providing practical convenience.


Portus & Navis, driven by a commitment to enhancing shared moments, presents STILLA – a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution to common boating woes. Its unique design addresses spillage issues while accommodating various beverage containers. Compact and portable, STILLA is the answer for boat owners seeking to maximize their moments on the water. Consider adding STILLA to your boating gear and elevate your small but significant moments.