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The STILLA PICNINC SPIKE set is a product that is specifically designed for use on the beach. It allows you to secure STILLA to the sand and keep your drinks within reach.

It is useful for beach-goers who want to enjoy their drinks and keep them from spilling or tipping over in the sand. The spike helps to keep the STILLA Cup Holder & Bottle Holder  stable and prevent it from being knocked over by wind or other factors.

It's important to note that products like this should always be used responsibly and in accordance with any local regulations or guidelines.


At Portus & Navis, we try to do our part to protect the ocean and seascapes that we love. Therefore, when deciding how to produce STILLA, we chose to go with recycled plastics harvested from old fishing ropes, trawls, and nets. Our multi-cup product, STILLA consists of 60% reclaimed plastics. Relative to newly produced virgin plastics, recycled plastic has the following benefits:

-Reduces the carbon emissions by up to 94%.

-Supports a circular economy for reclaimed plastic

-Prevents maritime plastic fibers from being sent to landfills, incinerators, or entering our seas and oceans.

Shipping & Returns

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Cup Holder Internal Diameter: 66.5 mm (2.61")

Bottle Holder Internal Diameter: 94 mm (3.7")

Care Instructions

Hand wash only to maximize the lifetime of the product.

Portus & Navis

Make Every Drop Count

• Holds a diverse selection of cans, cups, glasses, and bottles

• Portable/Storeable

• Made from recycled fish nets, ropes, and trawls

• Suitable on land and sea